Michael J. Langlois


Why have a blog and name it northcountrywriter.com?

First, I am a part-time freelance writer and, as such, the ability to organize and showcase my published and non-published work in a single location is a business decision. Who knows? Someday, when I retire, this part-time hobby may become a fulltime activity. Secondly, I am from upstate New York, a geographic location filled with scenic beauty and daily inspirational occurrences in its people and places. How better to share these experiences than through professionally written articles easily accessed by like-minded North Country folk on a single website? Lastly, and the most important, to keep me writing.

How the website works?

I deliberately chose to keep the website’s format as plain as possible. I firmly believe that we are bombarded with too much flash via various media each and every day. Simple, to me, is a good thing. Visitors to northcountrywriter.com can browse articles through Recent Posts, or by choosing a topic from the search option on the Categories page. It is my intention to publish articles on a weekly basis.

What I need from you?

Again, the site is for the enjoyment of those people who want to read feature articles about interesting people and places. Please take the time to repost those articles you like to your Facebook friends. Don’t hesitate to offer commentary – good or bad – and add to the “Leave A Reply” section of the website. Also, I welcome any topics you may feel would make a great story. I hope you enjoy the site. Thanks